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5 Practical Items that increase PROductivity!

Here are a few basic items that increase productivity that everyone should own. Let’s dive in!

  • Alarm clock.  I know you use your phone but an alarm is best.  The tip for the alarm clock or your phone alarm is set to the most annoying sound and place it somewhere you have to get up to turn it off.  If it is in arm’s reach it is too close.
  • Hand-held steamer. With all the different materials for ties, shirts, scarves , etc. gone are the days when you have to figure what temperature of the iron and possibly ruin your clothes which may make you late.
  • Hot Beverage maker. A coffee maker, tea kettle, Keurig  or something similar.  The idea is to save you time and money by making your cup of “morning sunshine”.  My observations have been when people are late they normally come in with a hot beverage, don’t let this be you!
  • Slow cooker. This has to me my favorite! Set it and forget and you have a warm dinner.  Start something when you leave and when you come home it is done.  If you don’t trust this method it is perfect for to start dinner Sunday morning and it will be done before dinner time!
  • I know, I know you have one on your phone, use that one when you are working around people have it vibrate when complete.  Use the time for tasks that may you know will take a while or that you don’t like to do, it will help!  Timers are also good for home use for chores with children or even yourself.

practical items

Well, these are my top tools that I believe everyone should own.  It doesn’t matter what your age, occupation or financial status you are in because these tools are practical and increase productivity in some shape of form! They are affordable too, you can get all of these basic models for under $50 each. If you are missing any of these consider adding them to you arsenal  to increase your productivity.

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