Proficiency Services helps people with setting goals, planning the steps towards the goals, and creating time management habits to implement and counterbalance all aspects of life while going for the goal.

“Good Habits” achieve goals! Since we are all created different we offer different services to assist with focusing on the plans. Group sessions and 1:1 sessions provide clients with the best of both world. Group sessions allows you to see that you are not alone in this habits journey and may offer suggestions on an issue that you may be having and maybe you would be able to offer suggestions for some one else. 1:1 sessions are for those who would like to get that personalized service to work on habits to achieve their goals.

Time management is not a subject that people would like to admit they have a weakness in however, it is a taught characteristic that anyone can master with work on a daily basis (making it a habit). As a time management specialist I integrate your life and business goals on your daily schedule.