consistency is queenConsistency is Queen

Consistency is Queen.  In case you haven’t noticed anything you want in life you have to bow down to the queen of consistency. If you want to be successful or even unsuccessful you have to be consistent in doing something or not doing something.  Either way you are under her rule.

This year I started with a goal of starting to blog. For many years I stirred clear of doing because of all the articles and advice I had received.  Some would advise that I needed to blog three times a week. (I nearly passed out when I heard that.) Others would say once a month would suffice and others would say that none was needed.

When making the decision I knew what ever choice I was going to make I had to be consistent in doing or not doing it.  As with anything new in my life I decided to go small and figured that I may increase over time.  Writing has never been my first love so I knew that this was going to be a challenge.  The other challenge I concerned myself about was I wanted people to get something from my writing.

consistency is queenAs an over analyst I have a habit of talking myself out of a task, but this one I am glad I finally got started. I will be the first to tell you that some weeks my brain would freeze.  Some times it would take no time to write an article but I stayed consistent.  Starting small I will admit helped me to keep going.  Seeing my small wins each week also helped along with someone referencing an article that I wrote.

Consistency is Queen, even when you think no one is listening or seeing what you are doing you have to remain consistent in whatever journey you are on. Habit is formed by consistently doing or not doing something. So today and always let’s give Consistency her respect, she is Queen and we must remember to bow down all times. It is how we achieve our Goals and live our lives to the fullest.


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