digital decluttering

Just like our brains and homes need to be decluttered so should our digital spaces and devices at least  once a month. Okay, okay if that is too much for you to handle and I will be the first to admit that once a month is not on my schedule.  What I have done is scheduled some time for this to be done at least once a quarter.  It is not as hard or time consuming as you think once you get on the ball.

These are the main things that I focus on:

  • Cell Phone- contacts, pictures, text (lock the important ones and delete the rest)
  • Computer, Laptop and Tablet- bookmarks, pictures and files
  • Social Space- groups, “friends” and Email Notifications
  • Email- Subscriptions, Newsletters and Sales Emails.

digital declutteringI am not a techy but I find that clearing these four areas in my digital space have been so helpful and help me to become more proficient. There are other areas and useful tools to help you with this and since I don’t know them all I thought I’d find you a resource. In my search I found this article The 13 Step Digital Declutter written by Darien Graham Smith that has some awesome tools for you to use.  I know you can implement one into your daily life to help you be more proficient, because that is the goal!

Make your smartphone work for you. Add this to your calendar as a quarterly task take 3o minutes it will help. It also will increase the storage of your devices. You won’t be able to complete everything in this time but it is a start.  You have to start somewhere and some time so why not now.

Let me know what tools you use now or what you decided to use and how it has helped you become more proficient.

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