don't divorce your goals

Don’t Divorce Your Goals Yet!

Every January, every quarter, every month and every day millions of people get married, married to a goal.  Some people send out an engagement/ save the date notices that they are getting married to a goal starting this date. Others elope and silently have a secret marriage.  Either way everyone will get married at some point in time in their life, remember we are talking about married to goals.

Marriage is a commitment! Just because you and your partner have ONE disagreement, doesn’t mean that you file for a divorce. This is the same for you and your goals. Goals are a commitment, like marriage. Just because you have not accomplished your goal doesn’t mean that you divorce it!

This is a reminder of “Don’t change the Goal change the Plan”, I am not a sports fan but it something I keep in mind and would like to remind you of today.  No matter what type of sports they all have the same mindset.  Each of them has a long term goal of winning the “Championship” the greatest honor of the season. This is the goal every season, no matter who the coach is, who the starters are or the franchise.  The coach develops a plan to try to achieve the goal with his staff and team members.  As the season go on and they need to change the strategy they don’t change the goal.  Maybe someone has to seat on the bench, pull people off the bench or maybe make a trade, the goal remains in tack never changing.

don't divorce yours goals yet

Goal Review

The next time you are reviewing your goals whether weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly don’t divorce the goal! There are times when you have to divorce the goal and that should be rare because you should be planning relevant goals. However, maybe your goal wasn’t as focused as it should have been or your business goal was too small (wasn’t challenging enough) these are examples of reasons to divorce a goal. If your goals are not in line with where you see your home, personal or business life then get them on target so you can remain married to your goals and have a happy life.

Be consistent and don’t give up! If you don’t keep trying how will you know it won’t work for you?  Many times people give up too fast; they don’t stick with a plan before saying it doesn’t work for me. Try one plan and if that doesn’t work after a while then try something else but don’t change your goal. Are you attempting your plan at the right time of the day, calling the correct people, networking with your targeted market, etc.?

Before you divorce your goals please don’t hesitate to reach out to PROficiency Services.  We help people stay married to their goals by working on daily strategic plans and accomplishing small wins!

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