FALL in love with Yourself!

Did you know it is okay to FALL in love with yourself?  I am not talking about conceit but just loving who you are and spoiling yourself!  I think that the season of FALL is the best time to do this because you have spent time with the family in the Spring –Summer and will think about everyone else on the planet during the Winter holidays with gifts.  So how about a gift for the person that thinks about everyone else.

I always encourage some “me time” but I am saying indulge in loving yourself during the whole season of Fall.   Relax, schedule some deliberate time to recuperate from the family vacations, summer camps, back to school, midyear reviews, etc.  Allow your mind to relax for a day, a few hours, or even the weekend. I know I say make an appointment with yourself for yourself and keep it, however I know that some of you have been cancelling that appointment or not even setting it. This is perfect time for you, if you haven’t been doing this monthly because of your busy schedule or you feel guilty.

Let’s talk about the guilty feeling that you may incur because you need this time. I remind myself,  if I don’t keep this appointment I may not be able to keep any other appointments or help anyone else because I haven’t taken care of myself.  Here is some quick math, there are 365 days in the year, if you take 1 day a month you still can cater to everyone’s need for the 353 days remaining. Don’t think of it as being selfish, think of it as maintenance like an oil change for your car.

fall in love

Now of course you can plan and schedule vacations, but this is deliberate time for yourself!  Another way to look at it is, it’s almost the holidays for some people and you need to get prepared even if you are not celebrating.  Traffic will be heavier, the stores will be reorganized and the quick trip to mall now becomes 30 minutes looking for parking! Let’s not even talk about if you live somewhere where it snows heavy during the Winter months and you have to shovel the path and your car out from under the white stuff.  So yes, enjoy the upcoming season and FALL in love with Yourself, recuperate and prepare for the Winter season.

Before I end this let me say this, EVERY season is the right season to fall in love with yourself so make a habit of loving yourself ALL YEAR LONG!  You give all year long to everyone else; give yourself the gift of you as well. You will thank yourself later.  Remember it doesn’t take a whole heap of time, money or energy.  Schedule it in your calendar so you prepare for your special time and keep your appointment.


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