Get Prepared Now...Don't Wait Another Day

Get Prepared Now…Don’t Wait Another Day

Let me start by saying this, every time I write my goal is for it to help at least one person.  Today I write with my intention to help each and every one that reads this to infinity and beyond! It is with sincerity and I feel an urgency what I am about to share. I am going to share a little of my “resume” with you and also my own recent occurrence.

No matter who is reading this. you need to get prepared because it’s guaranteed to happen.  Whether you are Single, Married, Separated or Divorce, do or don’t have children you need to be prepared. It’s the only thing that is guaranteed to happen and although you can’t schedule it on your calendar, you can prepare for it.

With a degree in Human Services with a Gerontology Major I worked with people from a variety of stages of life and have seen the end of life bring about turmoil in families.  When peace and solitude is needed, it is a shame that power tends to show its ugly face, during this time.  Unfortunately, my experience has showed me there was no prejudice to race or economic status when it came to this, it was real life.

Get prepare now,don't wait another day

Real Life

Speaking of real life, very recently I had to assist someone very close to me make a tough decision because someone was not prepared for end of life.  Most people think a will listing all their assets is the only thing that you need but I am here to encourage you to think of other incidents to help ease your family’s mind and heart through difficult times. Here are some of my experiences: a person gets sick who not cognitive to decide on a surgery, their spouse isn’t able to make the decision because of onset Alzheimer’s who in the family will make the decision?  A person goes in a coma, how long is that person going to be allowed to stay in the state the doctor wants to know, who is going to make this decision? Lastly does the doctor and staff resuscitate or do-not-resuscitate when needed?

So as you can see you do need that insurance plan and a will but other things can happen before those are needed. As a Paralegal I am strongly encouraging you to have a Medical Advance Directive & Medical Power of Attorney. Think about whom in your family or someone that is close to you is bet fit to handle your affairs.  Keep in mind that the person that you appoint for your financial POA (Power of Attorney) might not be the best fit for your medical affairs and vice versa.

I know this is a subject that many don’t like to talk about but keep your loved ones in mind. Think of this as you safeguarding your loved ones.

Here are some reasons why you should act upon this immediately.

  1. To authorize, withhold or withdraw medical care and surgical procedures.
  2. To authorize, withhold or withdraw nutrition (food) or hydration (water) medically supplied by tube through my nose, stomach, intestines, arteries or veins.
  3. To authorize my admission to or discharge from a medical, nursing, residential or similar facility and to make agreements for my care and obtain health insurance for my care, including hospice and/or palliative care.
  4. To hire and fire medical, social service and other support personnel responsible for my care.
  5. To request that a physician responsible for my care issue a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order, including an out-of-hospital DNR order, a Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) or other order effectuating my wishes and to sign any required documents and consents.
  6. To carry out my wishes regarding funeral, burial, and the disposition of my body.
  7. To take any legal action necessary to do what I have directed.

If you or your family member live in PA here is an excellent sample of what I am talking about, you can actually use this one.  If you live outside of PA you can search your state as each states varies a little in the verbiage.



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