get to know your goalsGet to Know Your Goals!

How well do you really know your goals? When I ask people this question they often will say, “Very Well” and that answer should be correct.  Right? Wrong! So today I want to remind you to Get to Know Your Goals.  A brief look at your goals will put you in the right direction on how to plan for them in the future and calculate your SMALL Wins differently.

Most goals can be thought of as one of three types of goals below:

LIFE LONG: This is a type of goal that you want to accomplish before you leave this earth.  It is something that won’t be accomplished in a month or maybe even a year.  Many people also refer to this as a Long-Term goal.  An example of this might the most expensive dream vacation you can imagine, or that way too expensive car that you want to purchase with cash!

HABITS: This is a type of goal that we want to include into our daily routines regularly.  This type of goal also won’t be something that you can accomplish in a day, month or maybe a year.  It will take daily actions with a consistent effort on your part.  An example of this type of goal might be developing a daily morning/ evening routine or increasing your salesmanship by connecting with potential customers regularly.

get to know your goalsPROJECTS: This is a type of goal that can be broken down on your daily calendar with tasks.  They can be done in a day but most times need to be broken down into tasks to complete over time. An example of this type of goal would be to clean house or yearly tax preparation.  These examples can be done in a day however it would be best to assign tasks to get them completed without a lot of stress.

I want to include another reminder: TASKS help you get closer to completing all three types of your goals! Just a reminder when setting your goals them of them in these three categories and plan for them accordingly.  When you do your end of the year review that lifelong and habits goal may not be accomplished  YET, but what have you done to get closer to it and what will you do the next year to get even closer.   Get to know your goals, the better you are acquainted with them the closer you will be to achieving them and making more. Keep GOaling!




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