gift of timeGift of Time

Is there a person on your list that has everything? You don’t know their size? What their favorite color is? What brands they like or dislike? Do you know all of these answers but still don’t know what to gift them? I may have a solution for you. Give the gift of time.

Every day there are plenty of people that wished they had more time for: running errands, getting that email box under control, spending quality time with friends, getting a closet uncluttered and the list is endless. So why not give them the gift of time to get something off their list accomplished?

The way you give the gift of time is by giving the person an hour (or more) of your time. If you could run an errand for the recipient so they could focus on something else how awesome of a gift is that? The person may just need your company to get the item done off their list.  For example clearing out that cluttered email box or closet isn’t the most exciting task but a cup of tea and a companion’s presence might help the time go by faster and the task a litter easier.

gift of timeGiving the gift of time is not by any means a cheap gift.  Tangible items and money can always be replaced and has a value attached to them.  Time is completely the opposite it cannot be replaced and because it is priceless, it is the most valuable gift to give someone.  Listen to the person’s needs or wants and see if this is an appropriate gift. Giving the gift of time is easier than you may think here’s how I do it:

  • According to the person’s needs decide how much time you are going to gift. It should be no less than an hour.
  • Look at your calendar and plan some time that your gift of time will be available. Example: if you only have Saturdays available you will let the recipient know your availability.
  • Decide when the offer will begin and when it will expire. Example: Must use in the next 90 days.
  • Find a beautiful blank card to write your gift certificate of Time.

This gift is perfect for all year long gifting and it also is good for gifting business associates. Your business associate may need some help in an area. If you are that expertise, give them a gift of time.  Share an hour of your companionship, help or knowledge to help someone else get closer to their goals.






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