Habits Lead to Goals!

You wake up at a certain time each day, brush your teeth the same way, comb your hair starting on one side each time and put on your right shoe first each time you dress. Habits. They are embedded in your memory. Some of your habits have been created intentionally and others unintentionally.

Habits whether good or bad play a huge part in the type of person you are, your lifestyle and even your economic status.  For the person who has a fairly decent income but has a problem saving and doesn’t have any money saved, if they acquired some good habits they could be successful with this goal.

Bad habits are never erased they are simply replaced with good habits.  This is the reason why people relapse back in the bad habits when they are trying to change.  Quitting something cold turkey may work for some people but the average person has to replace the old with the new habit. Of course consistency is queen and will rule over time.


What is an unintentional habit? The one that many people have is clutter! Clutter is an unintentional habit because nobody, in their right mind, plans for clutter.  If the clutter is material things, it may be the person has not been purchasing with a purpose. Mind clutter, hoarding your thoughts, feelings and emotions are unintentional habits that can lead to stress.

When you are setting goals keep in mind your old habits (good or bad) and any new habits/ routines where you may need to focus. You will need to implement daily routines in your life to get closer to your goals. Habits allow us to do things without thinking about them because we do them through our routines.  Consistency with your routines/habits will lead you closer to your goals! Habits lead to GOALS!

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