It's never too late

INTL-It’s Never TOO Late

As with anything I write I never know who may be reading or why they chose to read I just write with the intention that maybe it may help, remind or spark something for the reader.  Today is no different it’s 2:00am in my part of the world and I am pecking away on my laptop sharing my thoughts with you in hopes that you may get something out of this or forward this to someone who you may think may need to read this brief article. I am questioning myself about even posting this because it is a little different from my normal writing.  However, if you know me then you know how I feel about time so I am not going to waste this time hopefully someone will benefit.

It’s never too late! (INTL) although it may seem like it!

INTL to start working on that goal!

INTL to start losing weight.

INTL to go back to school.

INTL to invest in yourself, family or business.

INTL to _________________________. (you fill in the blank)

I hope you are getting the message loud and clear! INTL to work on any goal that may enter your mind.  Now, will you be behind in some areas,would it have been a little easier if you would have started earlier or younger maybe but you don’t know for sure.  Maybe it’s your time to work on or start that goal now because you will appreciate it more, gain more knowledge, be a better person at this stage in your life where ever that may be.

Oftentimes we are our worst critics, we waste time on the should of, would of, could of and don’t realize that the hands of times are still moving while we are stuck in that moment! I am here to remind you to get moving INTL you still have time!  There is no time limit for improving yourself, start today, don’t wait until tomorrow, because we know that is not guaranteed to us.

Normally, I have a bunch of tips for productivity but today I only have one and that is to get started on whatever you think may be too late to work on in your life. That goal that is in your head, write it down and commit to working a plan for it. I’m not here to sugar coat life and tell you that it will be easy and pretty; if you were looking for that ending , my apologizes. I will tell you that if you work on the goal whatever it may be today you will accomplish small wins that will get you closer to the finish line no matter how far away it seems. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!!

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