life happens

Life Happens

I love to plan my days, weeks and months ahead of time but sometimes “LIFE” happens! There are other forces that intervene with my plans and I have to adjust.  Don’t worry this is not going to be about religion article but this is going to be about CONTINGENCY! What do you do when “LIFE” happens?

Life happening could mean an infinite amount of things in your personal, home and business life. My question to you is do you have a contingency plan? What happens when your car breaks down? When your employee quits unexpectedly? When you can’t complete the scheduled task for today? In all areas of your life you should consider adding a contingency plan.

You can’t plan for everything but you can prepare for some things.  I encourage you to take the time to think of your personal, home and work life and prepare contingency plans.  Having those in place can save you time, money and effort in the long run.

No one could have every predicted that the United States would have two category 4 hurricanes to have made landfall within less than a month’s time, however, in times like these you can have a plan?  This is a drastic example but simple things like: keeping your important papers all together for easy access, keeping an emergency fund stocked and encouraging your family to do the same will relieve some stress.

life happensThe same concept is true for your work/business.  Who will take on your responsibilities if you get sick and cannot do your duties? Your employee(s) are not able to fulfill their job duties who will substitute and what are your policies for when this happens? Contingency… Businesses go out of existence everyday what happens when your top supplier of your product production closes?

Life has its challenges; you are responsible for not contributing to your challenges.  Take the time to prepare for when “LIFE” happens, even though you don’t know when it will occur! There are only two things that are guaranteed, taxes and death but both things can be prepared for in advance. You also can prepare for everything else in between!  If you don’t have a CONTINGENCY plan, make a goal to start one for all areas of your life.

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