productive emailsHow to be more Productive with your Email Inbox

With life already busy who has time to get their inbox down to zero as some productivity gurus promote?! I am here to tell you that may not be a realistic goal for everyone.  Okay and if you were to get it to zero what happens then because the emails keep on coming.  No matter whether they are personal or business emails they can get out of hand if you allow them.  Now, you can utilize the search function when looking for those airline, concert reservations or the original proposal someone sent you 90 days ago but happens when you don’t know the email address or the subject  and you are in a rush?  There is no sense in making your already busy life more hectic use these simple tips to help be more productive within your email box.

  1. Designate 3 times (at least 15 mins) during the day when you can focus on the task of your email box.


  1. Don’t check your emails every time you hear a notification. This will set you up for possibly not remembering to reply.


  1. Designate folders/ label for different projects, clients, assignments and other category.

productive emails

  1. Take these steps: review, reply if needed, file or delete.


  1. After you have completed the current emails take a few minutes to search for a group of important topic emails and place them in a file folder.


  1. Finally, unsubscribe to any emails that you consistently don’t open; they are taking up real estate in your inbox and wasting your valuable time.


Email is no different than snail mail, there is the important mail that needs to be handled ASAP,  bills that are due soon,  an invitation to an event, the sale that happens every week with coupons and  the junk mail!  Think of it like you are supposed to think of paper mail, if it is not reviewed, sorted, filed or trashed it will continue to pile up at the front door, the bills might not get paid, that event will be missed and you might miss the sale of your life (just joking with the sale). The point is to tackle your emails when they first come so they don’t become a burden later.  Just because you are tackling them frequently  doesn’t mean to be a slave to  notifications hence the three times a day designation.  Stay on top of this daily task so that it doesn’t become a project!

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