back to school tipsQuick Back to School Tips for Parents

It’s that time of year again when parents will be running around getting school supplies, school  clothes and wrestling with their children to get them back on the school schedule. I have a few  quick back to school tips to help you with this transition time hopefully they will help with time, energy, money, productivity and most importantly your sanity.

  • When Buying school supplies buy twice the amount. Put half away for the middle of the year when the pencils are down to two inches, 24 crayons are now 12  and the paper has dwindled down. You will save yourself time, money and effort.  School supplies are reasonably priced around August –September in March that $1.59 notebook will be $4.59.


  • Same goes with School uniforms/clothes. If your child is required to wear a specific type of uniform get a little of both season types.   For example get a mixture of long sleeve shirts and short sleeve shirts.  This way when Spring rolls around you are not school shopping all over again.


  • When you are purchasing the school clothes buy a mixture of exact size and the next size. Children grow so fast, you don’t want to be purchasing clothes the next month. Pay attention to the growth spurts they come out of nowhere!


  • Get to know your child’s schedule! Pay attention to the school/class calendar and sync it with yours as soon as they send it home or update the school website.


back to school tips

  • Get your child’s/children’s input and help with preparing their breakfast, lunch and after school snacks this will help you with not wasting your energy, time, food and money!


  • Start routines in the morning, after school and before bedtime that will ease the household from running around in the morning.


Remember children follow the leader which is you or your spouse or both.  Start good habits that you want your child or children to adopt!  Life happens each and every day so it is time to start preparing yourself and your family.  Think about it, most accidents happen during RUSH hour! Stop rushing when you don’t have to; alleviate some of the stress you are bringing on yourself, your children and everyone else.  Take the time to prepare, it won’t happen overnight but it will happen if you keep it up.   Your children will follow your lead PRACTICE what you teach and they will LEARN! Hopefully you will be able to use some of these quick back to school tips to assist you through this school year and beyond. Here’s to you and them having a PROductive School year!

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