work at home tips

Quick Tips for working at home

Develop a regular work hours schedule and stick to it.

Get washed up and get dressed. Anything besides what you slept in!

Eat breakfast, prep lunch and dinner.

Be on time to work. Imagine you have a time clock to punch.

Have a dedicated work area (even if it is the kitchen table), separate your work area from where you sleep.

Keep your work area neat and clean.

working home


Take a morning and afternoon break 15-30 mins.  Guilt free social media time.

Take at least 30 mins for lunch.

Have a specific time for phone calls.

Review, sort and answer emails 3 times a day.

Designate time or days for meetings.

Design an editorial calendar for social media, if you are using for business.

Household chores are to be done before or after work hours.

Stay focused!

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