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Quick Tips for working outside of home

Here are some quick tips that I think may help you if you are working outside of the home. Following at least one of these tips may help you get through your busy day a little easier.  I know these tips helped me in the past and made my life a whole lot less stressful.


Eat breakfast, prep lunch and dinner.

Leave a little early to be on time to work, you never know what traffic you may encounter.

Get to work at least 15 minutes early, this gives you time to unwind from your commute, prepare for your workday and review schedule.

Personalize your space with at least one thing, keep it simple so if you have to move or leave it will be easy.

Keep your work area neat and clean.

Designate times to review, sort and answer emails.  Example 9:00am, 1:00pm and 4:00pm

Designate time for making and returning phone calls.

working outside of home

Prepare in advance for your meetings. Plan effective meetings here.

Take your morning and afternoon breaks.  Guilt free social media time.

Eat lunch away from your desk, or if you sit at your desk turn your computer screen off and don’t answer the phone.

You earned those vacation/ personal days, take and enjoy them work free.

Be as productive as can in a day, there is always tomorrow.

Do your best and forget the rest!

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