Stop Abusing Time. Yours and Other’s!

If you are reading this then nine times out of ten you have experienced someone abusing your time or maybe you have been guilty in the past of abusing your own time or maybe someone else’s!  Either way my mission is to get people on board with a new way of thinking to help with this outrage of ABUSE of time.

I recently realized that this has become more of problem lately by reading several different posts in different social media groups and recently listened to a prominent leader in the Productivity niche speak about his experience.  He expressed how he was waiting on the person and within the 15 minute window (I will later discuss) no phone call, text, smoke signal or blimp flying over with a message came.  Within the next 10 minutes still no message and so he decided that he was stood up or something drastic had occurred!

He then pulled out his work for the rest of the day and started, when in wandered his appointment almost 30 minutes late without notice and with a lousy excuse! Let’s stop here. Obviously he needed this person’s services, however there are tons of people who offer the same services as this person, what was he/she thinking? Oh, that’s right they weren’t thinking!

This is only one of the many scenarios that are taking place on a daily basis and it is past time to stop abusing your time and other’s!

Here are my quick tips to help you STOP abusing time!

  • BEFORE you schedule a meeting, CHECK YOUR CALENDAR, if you don’t have it in front of you let the person know that you don’t want to waste their time with having to reschedule the date. Let them know that you will get back to them as soon as you have confirmed your availability and they should understand.


  • DON’T reschedule an already scheduled appointment with a person to now put the new person in that spot! What does it tell the first person about you? You don’t want to start telling falsehoods, that is a habit you don’t want to pick up.


  • CYA (Confirm Your Appointment) at least 24 hours before the appointment.


  • Productive meetings should be no longer than 60 minutes. Believe me, you have lost them and maybe yourself after that mark. Schedule another meeting to continue.


  • Try to be prepared for your appointment at least 15 minutes before; this gives you a little time to get your thoughts together.

  • Allow a 15 minute window for your guest to arrive or confirm they are still coming but “life happened”.


  • If your guest called and their estimated time is going to be more than 15 minutes later than the 15 minute window , my suggestion is to reschedule if your day is full or determine if you want to just get this meeting done with. So instead of giving this person 60 minutes they have now 30 minutes.


  • If your guest hasn’t called within the 15 minute window I strongly recommend that you take a hard look at who the person/services are and determine if you want to work with them or need their services. Unless something life threatening happened it is just common courtesy to pick up a phone to call or text with a brief message.


  • You have decided to give your NO CALL/NO TEXT NO SHOW another chance it should not be a face to face, they blew that! When you reschedule let them know that you will be expecting their call at this time within a 15 minute window i.e. 9:00-9:15. Let them take some responsibility; it will also let you see how serious they are about meeting with you.


  • Respect other’s time by following the above.

If you remember nothing else from this post please remember this (and think of Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin to help)   PYT (Protect Your Time and RESPECT other’s Time!  If you change your mindset and make this part of your #habitslifestyle I promise you it will take you to the next level. It will also dwindle those people not respecting your time.  They are okay with showing up late because you have been okay with them showing up late! STOP being okay with them abusing your time and theirs.

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