the grass is greener

The Grass is Greener…

In elementary school when taking a test the teachers would always say “Keep your eyes on your own paper!”  With society always “telling” you who you should be, what is now trending in business, what’s the newest hype on social media you can get lost. Whether in your home, personal or work life you must keep your eyes on your own paper.

There are so many “shiny objects” for you to get distracted from your plans to accomplish your goals and one of them is looking at other people/businesses.  You can admire someone’s accomplishments, but you should not compare apples to oranges.  There are so many nuances behind an accomplishment you may not be able to see them for yourself.

I currently work with a client who manages a team of two young men.  There is also another team of men in his office.  When he first came onboard he would always compare himself to the other manager and his team.  One day I sat down with and listed all of the things he admired of his colleague.  The differences were like night and day.

His colleague has been managing his team for more than 5 years and his team included having the “professional All-Stars” of the company.  In comparison my client’s tenure in his position was less than 5 years and his team consist of the Millennial Rookies.  So, for at least 6 weeks that I heard, he has been wasting time with the thought that these two teams were equal and in all reality they are worlds apart!

the grass is greener

We all have been guilty of doing at least once in our lives.  The saying is “The grass is greener on the other side” but how do you know that? Sure you can look but you should never stare or compare! The reason people think that the grass is greener on the other side is because they are paying too much attention to someone else’s lawn and not attending to theirs!

This doesn’t mean you can’t get inspiration, motivation or advice. Go ahead; ask what lawn vitamins they are using to help with the growth of their lawn.  Just remember you can go purchase the miracle growth lawn solution but if you don’t take care of the lawn you have wasted your time, effort and money.  Oh and by the way your soil may be different, so the growth time and pattern may be differing in progression of that beautiful green grass.

Personal and professional growth is about the growth of you and your work or business. It is not about everyone else’s. When you sit down to access your goals and are calculating those SMALL WINS, you are accessing your progress not COMPANY ABC, etc. So remember to “Keep your eyes on your paper and nurture your own lawn it will grow with consistency, persistence and love.  This is for your home, personal and work life.

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