workplace time management

Workplace Time Management Tips

Oftentimes workplace time management can be difficult because you have so many factors in the culture.  Here a few tips that may help you increase your productivity in the workplace.

  1. If you haven’t looked at your calendar the night before, review your calendar so you will have an idea of what is in store.
  2. Alleviate extra stress by getting ahead of your deadlines. Just because it’s not due until next week doesn’t mean you don’t work on it until next week.  If other priorities have been completed, work on that task that has a further deadline now.
  3. Say No nicely now, so you can Yes later! Longer lunches, office parties or other distractions won’t help you meet those deadlines.
  4. If you have an office close your door, if you are in a cubicle use privacy screens or a Do Not Disturb sign on your desk to signal to coworkers that you are hard at work. workplace time management tips

5. Take your breaks and lunch; this is your Guilt Free time for social media, phone calls, web surfing, etc. It will also give your brain some time to refresh!

6. Before leaving at the end of the work day, review what is on your calendar for the next day and prepare any documents, emails, notes, etc.

7. At the end of the work day even if you haven’t completed your work, clear your desk, put all paperwork out of sight.

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